Executive Board

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Logan Gatti

Logan Gatti was elected President of the Louisville Young Democrats in July of 2017 after serving as the Secretary of the club for the last 2 years. As President, his primary goal will be to ensure that young people have the ability to make their voices heard in what can be an extremely complicated and intimidating political system, whether that be attending a club meeting or running for political office. He plans to work to foster relationships with organizations that share similar goals and ideologies as young Democrats in Louisville, including safeguarding and expansion of civil rights, healthcare accessibility, environmental protection, and economic justice.
He is also member of the Old Louisville Democratic Club and the Metro Democratic Club, and serves on the Communications Committee for the Louisville-Jefferson County Democratic Party. He received his MBA from UofL in 2014 and currently works as a Consultant for Humana in Operational Risk Management. He has also owned and operated a small property management business since 2014. Logan and his fiancee Jasmine live in Old Louisville and love trying all the great new restaurants opening up in the area.



Vice President of Finance
Ethan Epping

Ethan Epping is a Northern Kentucky native, Centre College graduate, and recovering campaign staffer, having spent the past five years working on state and national Democratic campaigns for candidates such as President Obama, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, Alison Lundergan Grimes campaign for Senate here in Kentucky, and most recently as the Director of Data and Analytics for the Clinton Campaign in Iowa. After moving to Louisville earlier this year, Ethan now works as part of the analytics team at RowdMap, helping to identify and reduce low-value and unnecessary health care.



Vice President of Membership and Outreach
Will Sanford

As a recently converted Democrat, Will’s enthusiasm has been a spark for the overwhelming amount of energy in the party right now. Though he cut his teeth with an education background, he now works as a paralegal at a local law office. His passion is health care and he believes it should be a right for all Americans, not a privilege. He is actively involved with KFTC and KFSP, both groups which are fighting to keep healthcare available and affordable to all. In his free time, Will is a wizard of fantasy football and is active in the gym. He hopes that LYD will continue to grow and believes that young people can truly make a difference in their community when they work together.



Vice President of Communications
Maddie Mullikin

Maddie’s passion for politics started after the 2016 Presidential Election. She became a member of LYD in January 2017, and was elected VP of Communications in July. Maddie got her bachelor’s at the University of Louisville (Go Cards!), and her MBA at the University of Kentucky. Her goal is to effectively communicate the views and positions of the LYD by building the organization’s online presence, and developing strategies for disseminating information to low income areas with less internet availability. She will soon be changing her last name when she gets married in 2018, and she and her fiancé, KC, currently live with their dog, Brain, and cat, Watson.



Briana Morgan

Briana Morgan served as Vice President of the Louisville Young Democrats from 2013-2017, and now serves as Secretary. She has a strong background in the field — from community actions to election campaigns — having covered federal, state-wide, and local races. In 2015 she returned to Food & Dining Magazine, as Business Manager, after studying Audio Engineering and Music Production in New York and an eight-year stint of organizing.



Board Member
Shelly Isaacs

Shelly has been a member of LYD since the beginning of 2017, and a board member since July. She is studying for a PhD in Applied Sociology at the University of Louisville. Shelly has lived here for three years, and is married to a beautiful Louisville boy named Johnny. She is excited to be able to contribute to the wellbeing of the people she cares about in a city and state that she loves by participating in the Louisville Young Democrats Club.



Board Member
Michael Garton

Michael helps Democratic candidates win elections and enjoys both the governing and campaign side of politics and policymaking. He currently works with Louisville Metro Councilman Brent Ackerson and the Yarmuth campaign. During the 2016 election cycle, he helped the congressional campaign as well as 9 of 15 state and local and state candidates claim victory on election night when many Democrats fell to the Trump wave. Previously he served as Communications Director in the Majority Caucus of the Kentucky House of Representatives when Democrats held the majority in that body. During the 2014 election cycle, he worked with Democratic House candidates on field plans, geo-targeting, media, and messaging. Previously, Michael worked in various roles on campaigns such as Obama for America, as well as several state and local races in 2012 and 2010, and in the private sector on health care policy. In his free time, he helps brand and communicate the message for the Louisville Democrats, does marketing and technology for local non-profits, and enjoys learning more about his adopted hometown of Louisville. If you see him about town, feel free to say hi.